Searching for Shymek PLOCKI and his daughter Margoshaka (Margalit) in Germany. #germany

Todd Cohn

I am searching for a long lost relative, Shymek Plocki and his daughter Margoshaka (Margalit) who were last known to be living in Germany a few years ago. 


Here’s most of what I know about his immediate relatives:


Father: Pinchas Meyer (b. 1891 Biala Rava - d. 1965 Lodz) 

Mother: Miriam/Mona   

Step mother:  Devorah Videletz Plocki (b. 1890 Warszawa - d. 1944 Lodz).   

Brother: Menachem (b. 1919 Lodz - d. 1980 Holon, Tel Aviv) 

Brother: Yitzchak (d. Russia) 

Sister: Miriam Plocki (Plotsky) (b. 1922 Lodz - d. 1944 Lodz). 


Any suggestions or directions on how to get started on this search would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Todd Cohn

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