Searching for SHOIKHET and Chausovsky families currently in Lithuania #lithuania

Todd Cohn

I came across a Yad Vashem Page of Testimony that was submitted by a relative of mine named Feiga Shoikhet in 1991.


At that time she lived in Lithuania, Vilnius, Erfurto str 48/9.


I'm looking for suggestions on how I might be able to confirm if she or her family still lives in Lithuania today and of course try and get in touch with her.  


Relatives of hers are:

Father: Shimon Dovid

Sister: Chava Shoikhet Chausovsky 

Brother in law: Semyon Chausovsky


Nephews: Vladimir Chausovsky, Alexander Chausovsky   


Places the family has lived:


  1. Odessa 
  2. Grossulova
  3. Moscow
  4. Now NY



Thank you for your help. 


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