Re: Volkovysk/Vawkavysk, Belarus pre-1900, surnames Henkowitz (Genkovich), Solodavnitz (Solodovnik) #belarus


The JewishGen databases have census/revision list records for Volkovysk  for most of the 19th century.  I did a quick look and the are quite a few Genkovich listied in the revision lists and 1912 voter lists.  This is the same name as Henkovich since Russian does not have  "G."

The are  Solodovniks  listed too which might be the other name you have, but that is less certain.

Search the unified database for a name and then select the country (as it is known now) and region from the dropdown menu.  For this search you would want Belarus as the country and Grodno as the region.

Always check JewishGen first.

Jessica Schein

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