Re: question about requesting records from the Polish archives and Polish privacy laws #poland

Mark Halpern

Hello Roger;

Let me try to clarify things for you. There are privacy periods for vital records. The period is 100 years for births and 80 years for marriages and deaths. Other records may also come under the privacy protection of Polish laws, but these laws do not apply to all records in the archive. 

When you mention Jewish Records index, you are referring to Jewish Records Indexing - Poland JRI-Poland adheres to the privacy terms that are applicable in Poland. If you find any index entries that are within the privacy period noted above, they are from outside Poland or the privacy laws do not apply. If you have a question about any results from a search of the JRI-Poland database, send your inquiry to questions@...

The search of the JRI-Poland online database is completely free and links to images of those records are provided when available. There are now over 5 million record indices online and most of them are indexed by professionals in Poland. JRI-Poland volunteers raise the funds from interested researchers to pay for the indexing and, when fully funded, those record indices are soon placed online. If you are interested in finding out if there are more records available for your town, send an email to yourtown@jri-poland,org, where you substitute Warsaw, Lodz, Krakow, etc. for yourtown.

Mark Halpern

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