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Judith Berlowitz

Dear SIGgers,

My Spanish translation of my historical novel, Home So Far Away has just been published in Spain.  The title is Diario de la Camarada Klara: Una enfermera de las Brigadas Internacionales.

The genesis: While researching for a book on my Philipsborn family, I came across an article by Thomas Pusch titled "Spaniens Himmel" that mentioned a Clara Philipsborn, the only woman from Schleswig-Holstein who volunteered in the Spanish Civil War as a nurse and translator. Family stories were conflicting, as were the scarce documents housed in the former Soviet Union. and in Spain, at the Documentary Center for Historical Memory.  Klara/Clara needed a voice.  As soon as I retired from my teaching position, I began to construct her story, her diary. 

A brief synopsis in Spanish:
El diario abandonado en la Rambla de Catalunya mientras irrumpe el fascismo en Barcelona nos revela la historia de Klara Philipsborn, única comunista de su familia judeoalemana mercantil. Ella esquiva el ascenso de Hitler ofreciéndose como voluntaria en la Guerra Civil Española como enfermera y traductora. Un breve encuentro con un oficial del partido de alto rango crea circunstancias que obligan a Klara a tomar decisiones que ponen en juego su identidad misma.

The book can be mail-ordered directly from the publisher,, and internationally from another publisher whose information I can provide privately. Genealogical aspects are woven into the plot, and Jewish identity is a major plot-shaper.

Home So Far Away is due to be published in 2022, by She Writes Press.

Judith Berlowitz
San Francisco, CA

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