Re: Apparent Change to Ancestry Messaging #dna

Adam Turner

I noticed this too, but my guess at the moment is that it is probably just a bug that they will get around to fixing (hopefully soon) and not is an intentional product change on Ancestry's part. One reason I think this is that if you hover over the conversation on the left-hand sidebar at that shows all the messages you've sent to various people, a dialog box pops up with your complete message displayed in it - and the dialog box shows the carriage returns completely intact. Also, as you mentioned, the messages you've received still display as normal - suggesting that at least the recipients of your messages are still seeing them with the paragraphing that you intended.

Regarding the lack of notifications sometimes: designing a robust, completely bug-free, 100% real-time notifications system seems to be the bane of many a Silicon Valley software engineer. (Facebook, in particular, seems to have its notifications system constantly going wonky.) Probably there are a million different bits of interacting code that can and do go wrong occasionally, leading to missed notifications and other little glitches.

Adam TurnerĀ 

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