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rv Kaplan

I also have a situation where a researcher who is related to a distant relation of mine through marriage is progressively hoovering up my family trees and importing a copy into his own tree, along with many of my photos.  He says that's what My Heritage is for.  I now know to nail down my photos so that they can't be taken.
The result of this and similar situations, where researchers expand their interests to cousins of cousins of cousins down to the present day, and import the information to their trees, is that when someone searches eg for my great grandfather in My Heritage, they find 20 trees where he is included, along with his photo.  In most of these trees, he has no blood or marriage connection with the rest of that tree.  I have wasted time contacting people thinking they are connected to me because they have my great grandfather in their tree, only to find they copied the information from me in the first place!
Of course, it doesn't help that My Heritage constantly sends me batches of 'new relatives' who are the extended family of people who married into my family and about whom I have no interest whatsoever.  Or they find my grandmother on someone else's tree because that person lifted her from my tree and then present her to me as a 'new relative.'
But can't do anything about all this. My Heritage don't want to hear any of this.  I suppose it's the price we pay for the benefits we all potentially receive from these online trees and websites.
Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland

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KAREN SAUNDERS saunderskcl@... via 

21:49 (2 hours ago)
I am wondering if anyone has experienced the following and if so what action was taken.
I have my family tree on My Heritage. Every time I make an update regardless how remote the ancestor, I have another user copying it into her tree.
I have contacted her asking how we might be related with a response that she will get back to me. My Heritage were of no assistance.
At the risk of being advised that I am being paranoid, it makes me nervous that my family is being “stalked”.
I would appreciate feedback.
Karen Saunders

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