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arnold friedman

hi,  appreciate if someone would translate the hebrew in the next to last row of the attachment, which is the wedding information for morris jacobs and marianna green.    i also attached the uk government marriage record for morris and marianna for reference.  i have found sometimes the fathers name varies in these two records.
i am interested in the whole record translation, but have hit a brick wall with Morris Jacobs who was born in poland.  I am hoping the hebrew translation helps with clues on fathers names or witnesses.
Morris Jacobs changed his name to Maurice Jackson in Canada.  I do not think he was every naturalized in England or Canada, and am open for suggestions of where i might find his city of birth.  From all the census and passenger documents i have found he lists Poland or Poland/Russia.   I don't know his name in Poland, assuming something like Moshe Jacobs??
anyway, thanks for help with hebrew translation.
arnold friedman
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MORRIS JACOBS    married in London 1877, born in Poland.
MARIANNA GREEN  born in London

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