Re: Rebbetzin Rivka bat R' Nachman Tzvi EPSTEIN ABD of Kolomyya #rabbinic

Aaron Slotnik

Well, clicked the wrong button . . .

I'm trying to find out more information about Rivka who was a daughter
of Rabbi Nachman Tzvi EPSTEIN (1740 - 1829), ABD Kolomyya. According to
Meorei Galicia, her first marriage was to R' Menachem Mendel ROSEN.
After he died in Iasi on their way to Eretz Yisrael, she continued on
and married a prominent Sephardic Rabbi.

Who was the Sephardic Rabbi? When did she die and how old was she? For
some reason, I think she is buried is Safed but I can't find the source
so I could be mistaken.

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL

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