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A. E. Jordan

The license was issued first and as people said it was permission to marry. It was not mandatory but most people got it. Then they got married and both the license and the certificate were filled out with the details. The license went to the NYC Clerk and the marriage certificate went to the Health Department. Later i the 1930s the duplication went away but that does matter to you.

Both documents asked for the name, address, profession, age, place of birth, parent's name and place of birth and if it was the first marriage. The City Clerk doing the license asked for more specific answers sometimes and if either person admitted that they had been married before the clerk asked for etails, ie when and where they were divorced or if the prior spouse(s) was living or dead. Also if the bride was young the clerk asked for parential consent. Some of the license files have supporting documents attched if there was a divorce or a parential consent.

When the ceremony was performed the details were filled out and the witnesses signed the documents. Then they were returned to the two offices and now on microfilm.

You can order original copies from the NYC Municipal Archives but you pay for each separately. The certificates only are also at the LDS Family History Centers and some people have a trick to get them now by sitting in the parking lots.  The records are free at the LDS.

The LDS also has summariized a lot of them on but sometimes there are errors.

The licenses and the certificates are all indexed online at various pages.

Hope that helps. Questions please feel free to write back.

Allan Jordan

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Hi everyone

I am new to NYC marriage records. I understand that not all records are online though a number of indexes are and that the coverage is not complete.
I also understand that you can order records here from the NYC Municipal Archive:

My Question is this. I have found an index ancestry for relatives:
Volume 11:

There are no other records that I can find for this Index entry online
What is the difference between a marriage certificate and a marriage license? 
And, is the information in the screenshot what I use to order the marriage certificate / license from the NYC Municipal Archive?


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