Re: Using My Heritage #general


This happened to me a year or so ago, starting on Geni. I uploaded a few relatives' names and someone started claiming all the relatives as their own relatives. It came to a point in which he claimed ownership of my tree. I complained to Geni, but got a response from MyHeritage and found out that the person who had co-opted my tree was a moderator for Geni. I was not allowed to delete my tree but was able to pass "ownership" of the tree to a relative. I also wrote to the moderator -- who didn't respond.

However, the problem didn't stop with Geni. The same moderator added my names to his MyHeritage tree and to his Ancestry tree, where he has tens of thousands of "relatives." I complained to Ancestry and they said there was nothing they could do, so I privatized my trees on Ancestry and MyHeritage and eventually let my subscription go on MyHeritage. My tree on Geni still exists under the aegis of my relative.

Dale Zeidman
New York, New York

BUKANTZ - Lithuania
JABLOW - Belarus

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