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Guten Tag, Herr Fritzsche,

The translation is:

(at the top):  The crown of Torah

For the honor of G-d, and for the honor of

the Torah, did dedicate the splendid and important [man], the honored

MICHAEL, son of the honored ME'IR, may he rest in peace

a curtain for the Holy [Ark],

In the year "In order to remember" the dedication

of the house of G-d.  Here [in] Bibesheim.


In other words, a man named Michael, whose father was Me'ir (deceased), dedicated this curtain in a particular year.  The curtain decorated the Holy Ark in which the Torah scroll was kept.

The year in which this occurred is hinted at by the used of the word "remember" or "your should remember" or "may it be remembered".  (It is impossible to know the precise translation, as only consonants appear, not vowels)..

Hebrew letters have numerical values.  The numerical value of this word is 627, making the year 5627 (the '5' is understood).  The year 5627 began in September of 1866 and end in September of 1867.

The reference to "dedication", which is Chanukah in Hebrew, MIGHT mean that this occurred around the holiday of Chanukah, thus December of 1866.


Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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