Is Haslavitsky a name or a city or something else? #ukraine

alan moskowitz

I was able to obtain information about my grandparents marriage record in 1908, in what is now Ukraine.  The information was translated by a qualified individual.  The bride's Hebrew name was listed, followed by "daughter of Leiba Bahrah" (her father was Leib, which I knew), followed by "Haslavitsky bourgeois, 20 years old, maiden" (presumably meaning never married).  A Google translation used the phrase "daughter of a Haslavite burgher" 20 years old etc.  I am not yet in possession of a copy of the original document - only a summary and translation of the key information.

If  "Haslavitsky"  is a name, then it has never surfaced until now.  If it is a city or shtetl, I have not found that.   Any thoughts would be helpful.

Thank you in advance.

Alan Moskowitz
New Jersey


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