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Thank you for all the thoughts. I believe you are correct specific to Fatta Yosa and Mooma Minnie.
With respect to Videchki, I need to dig in more. If it is a surname I should be able to find it-to date I have not. We also have an in law with the given name Vikhna living in Debeikiai, a nearby village.

Sana Nacha- There is a bit more to the story that I have not shared previously. My wife's great-grandfather  Moses Kadishevitz was married to "Jenny" Garber. Of course Jenny was just the Boston anglicized version of her Yiddish name. For years I have thought her Yiddish name may have been Chana. I no longer believe that. I now feel it was 'Sana' or some derivative and that Nacha was indeed a nickname derived from Nachame, hence her Yiddish name would have been Sana Nacha.

Now Sana Natcha's daughter Sara Finn nee Kadishevitz, would have been telling the family history  to my late mother in law in Boston. Sara could read and write Yiddish but not English; my mother-in law could read and write English, but not Yiddish, so the potential for confusion is there. But the diagram below is, I believe Father=Moses/Mother = Sana Nacha and the 5 children and their spouses below.
Some of the back up:

Sana Nacha Kadishevitz, aka Jenny Garber-Anyksciai Lith, circa 1890.
Widowed when Moses died in his 30s, she supported her family selling

Richard Brown
Glastonbury, CT

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