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In family story it is said that my VAN MILLINGEN family, a noble family, was named after the hamlet (or owned property or manor) called MILLINGEN near the town of Dalfsen in the province of Overijssel in Holland in the 14th century. However, there is nothing that connects with my family so far. There is no Jewish VAN MILLINGEN or varients found in both Dutch Civil and Jewish records.

It is interesting and unusual that the Hebrew name MILLINGHEIM keeps appearing on Hambro Synagogue records for my London-based VAN MILLINGEN family in the early 19th century. Perhaps this is because it refers to the family’s place of origin.

It appears that MILLINGHEIM is of German origin. I appreciate if anyone can throw any light on this? Did the family use VAN MILLINGEN as their civil family name while keeping MILLINGHEIM as their Hebrew family name?

My four times great grandfather, Samuel van MILLINGEN, who died in London in 1820, is sometimes recorded as Samuel MILLINGHAM. His Hebrew name is Shmuel ben Natan/Nathan MILLINGHEIM (Hambro burial register).  I note the German Jewish surname MEININGEN but I do not find any family connection. 

Thank you for any help/suggestions.

Brian Johnston
Sydney, Australia

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