Viewmate #91558: request for translation of comment in 1933 Berehove birth record (text in Czech) #austria-czech #translation

Amos Israel Zezmer

I have posted on ViewMate (#91558) the birth record of my cousin, Alzbeta MEISELS, born 1 March 1933,in Berehove, Czechoslovakia. It is Akt 100 on the page.
The father's name is not notated in the space reserved for "Name of Father." However, in Column 9 of the ledger, there is a three-line comment which I am unable to decipher because I have no Czech or Slovak language skills.
I would most appreciate a complete translation of the comment, which could be about the father, but only an expert translation will confirm my suspicions.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 
Yerres, France

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