Re: How long for visa/naturalization records from USCIS? #records #usa

Marjorie Geiser


I ordered just after they first announced the rate increase, which was October 2019. An email saying my initial search was completed came in that November. I then ordered the full order in early December. I had missed the part about it taking (at that time) 90 days, but I did get a confirmation saying they received my order. And I was able to go onto the site, which said order complete, just like you got.
I then contacted them again in late February 2020, asking about it. I received a personal reply saying it was in the mail. It was literally a few days later I got my CD.

I know that some records can have amazing things in it that we can't find anywhere else. My biggest goal was to find out where this great aunt was born, because I couldn't find anything on her. Not only did I find that out, but there was a picture on her naturalization papers that I couldn't find ANYWHERE else.This was worth the expense!

Good luck to you. It can't hurt to keep contacting them. Someone will eventually respond, I would imagine. Even if they're closed, someone has to be monitoring their email. I know that the National Archives is totally closed, even for online orders. Not sure if that's the case for USCIS???

Margie Geiser
Arizona, USA


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