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To all of you with this problem

If it were not for Covid, would you be able to go the archive, ask for the file and then read it and take your own prints or photos?  I ask this because in Britain when I wanted naturalisation information, I just went to our National Archive, after a short wait, I received the file and read it all.  The file included a report from a Police officer and much other information because in the one case because of WW1 a son and been killed in action and also a rebuilding problem had kept the family away from their home for an unrecorded period.  In the other case the police report was hilarious and in both cases I could read the whole files taking my own copies of whatever.  My wife and I have had similar facilities in Eire and The Netherlands.  In all cases there has been much friendly help from archivists.   As for BMD certificates or census information, I have planned archive visits as part of holidays and in the past found much else from casual comments also in France, Poland and Germany.  More than once an archivist has told me which other archine would have the information that we required and then made an appointment for us so that we were expected and welcomed with a guide to a file that was waiting for us.

Best of luck and keep safe.

David Harrison
Birmingham, England

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I ordered just after they first announced the rate increase, which was October 2019. An email saying my initial search was completed came in that November. I then ordered the full order in early December. I had missed the part about it taking (at that time) 90 days, but I did get a confirmation saying they received my order. And I was able to go onto the site, which said order complete, just like you got.
I then contacted them again in late February 2020, asking about it. I received a personal reply saying it was in the mail. It was literally a few days later I got my CD.

I know that some records can have amazing things in it that we can't find anywhere else. My biggest goal was to find out where this great aunt was born, because I couldn't find anything on her. Not only did I find that out, but there was a picture on her naturalization papers that I couldn't find ANYWHERE else.This was worth the expense!

Good luck to you. It can't hurt to keep contacting them. Someone will eventually respond, I would imagine. Even if they're closed, someone has to be monitoring their email. I know that the National Archives is totally closed, even for online orders. Not sure if that's the case for USCIS???

Margie Geiser
Arizona, USA


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