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Chloe Kogan

This is an amazing project that I hadn't been aware of before. I'm responding publicly rather than privately because I want to share this note from your website, which will probably be of interest to others in this discussion group:

The information for all these towns is contained in a detailed database that will be made available via our website in due course.
That's so exciting! I reviewed your site with this exact question on my mind -- is there a database I can search?

I recently discovered a group of my relatives (Piker or Picker) who emigrated from Lithuania to South Africa before WWII. Unfortunately, all the individuals I'm aware of so far appear to have lived and passed away in Johannesburg, and as you stated that municipality is not included in your publications. Can you tell me if there's an online database for the research that has previously been conducted for that city?

Thank you again. I hope I can trace family members to one of the towns covered by your books so I can purchase them.

Chloë Kogan
Arizona, USA
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  • KOGAN & BERCOVICI: Romania (Iasi/Jassy), Moldova, Ukraine (Sekuryany)
  • FISHER / FISERIS & MARGOLIS: Lithuania (Anyksciai, Kupiskis, Skapiskis, Utena)
  • Many emigrated to Canada (Montreal) & the U.S. (Massachusetts)

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