New Book to be published: The Jewish World of Alexander Hamilton #announcements

Phil Goldfarb

The Jewish World of Alexander Hamilton debunks a string of myths about his origins to arrive at a startling conclusion: Hamilton, in all likelihood, was born and raised Jewish.  For more than two centuries, his youth in the West Indies has remained shrouded in mystery.  Hamilton himself wanted it that way, maintaining a studied silence about his Caribbean past.  Most of his biographers fail to investigate his obscure roots and instead focus on the spectacle of his American life.  What little historians do write about Hamilton’s boyhood presupposes his having a Christian identity.  With a detective’s persistence and a scholar’s rigor, Andrew Porwancher upends that assumption and revolutionizes our understanding of an American icon. Here is the link for pre-ordering: The Jewish World of Alexander Hamilton (9780691211152): Porwancher, Andrew: Books 

Our JGS had Dr. Porwancher talk about this subject in November, 2019 and he is quite compelling as well as a terrific speaker. He is currently doing a fellowship at Harvard from 2020-2022.  I thought that this subject and book might be of interest to many as it is projected to be a bestseller once it is released.


Phil Goldfarb
President, JGS of Tulsa 


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