Re: Yiddish Names-Kadshevitz Family From Anyksciai, Lithuania #names


With respect to Videchki, I need to dig in more. If it is a surname I should be able to find it-to date I have not.
This is likely a last name Videtzkiy. There are a number of results on Yad Vashem for this last name, including in Lithuania:

Mike Vayser

While I have always assumed it was a given name, searches for similar names produce a long list of surnames including  Videtsky/Videckis/Viditski/Videtzkai, although none are noted as being from Anyksciai.
I think at this time I am going to assume it is a surname and that  Videchki came to Anyksciai from another town.  Any spelling differences  can be reasonably attributed to language barriers, accent,  memory and time.

Thank you to all of you for your excellent insights!

Richard Brown
Glastonbury, CT

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