Gesher Galicia's Vital Records project, and the latest additions to the All Galicia Database #galicia

Mark Jacobson

The following vital records are now available on the All Galicia
Database (

Radziechow (Radekhiv). Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in
Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/1/295.
- Jewish births, 1832-1860 (466 records).

Tarnopol (Ternopil). TsDIAL, Fond 701/1/328, 331, 332 and 334
- Jewish deaths, May 1845-December 1869 (10,662 records).
These Tarnopol death records, covering a period of a quarter of a
century, show some large divergences in the death rates for certain
years, certainly due in large part to epidemics. The average rate of
deaths per year over the whole period was 432. However, in 1869 the
figure was 652, in 1855 it was 850, and in 1848 it was 904 - all
extremely high figures for a town that, in 1880, is said to have had a
Jewish population of about 13,500.

Tarnopol has been one Gesher Galicia's main goals in the vital records
indexing project, along with Stanislawow. Following the completion in
July of some 3,400 death records >from 1820-1834, and with the help
of some generous donations, we have this year indexed and uploaded
to our database 19,646 Tarnopol vital records. In total, just over
29,000 vital records, >from all towns, have been indexed and uploaded
so far this year.

Among the Tarnopol Jewish vital records held in Ukrainian state
archives (in Lviv and Ternopil), there still remain to be indexed the
following, which we should complete by the middle of next year:
Births 1820-1838; Marriages 1853-1858; Birth index books for 1924, 1927.

We also aim to finish indexing all the remaining Jewish vital record
books (>from all Galician towns) held in Ukrainian archives by the
middle of 2020, with the exception of 33 marriage and death record
books >from Lwow >from the 1920s and 1930s, all of which are
duplicates of books held at AGAD. Researchers can follow the progress
of what has been indexed and what remains to be done in our online
inventory, sorted by town, of Jewish vital records held in the Ukrainian
archives, at: <>.

The same inventory, but sorted instead by fond and file number, can
be found at: <>.

Gesher Galicia gives special thanks to Slawomir Postek and Paulina
Postek for their enormous efforts over the past year in indexing a wide
range of vital and other records. We are also very grateful to Piotr
Gumola, Gesher Galicia's representative in Poland, for controlling the
indexing process.

The next vital record books to be indexed should include:
- Klasno-Podgorze (Wieliczka): Jewish deaths (index book) 1918-1942
- Probuzna: List of residents, 1932
- Sokolow Malopolski: Jewish deaths 1932-1941

For further information, please contact: <info@...>.
Please do NOT reply to this email.

Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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