Re: Looking for any information about Rolbein or Rol’beyn family from Odessa #general #ukraine


Her name was Sura-Blyuma, daughter of Leyb.  Married to Isaak son of Aron Ochakovskiy. Registered under number 282 in 1910.  Based on the number of marriages that year, it was probably around March.

Leyb had other children as well - Moysey, Fayvel, Avraam, Getsel, Leyzer, David (b. 1899).  Leyzer died shortly after he was born, David died at the age of 6 months in 1900.  Other siblings: Ester, Shlyoma, Yakov.
Moysey married in Aug 1918 (registered under number 2176).

Leyb also had a sister Feyga-Rukhel.

Mike Vayser

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