DRUCKERs of Kyiv, Ukraine (Kiev) to rabbinic line. #rabbinic

Alison Drucker

Hi, I have no previous experience researching rabbinic line; hoping for help.
   My surname is DRUCKER, shared by my paternal grandfather, who
always said he was from a rabbinic line.  (More about him below). So
far I have come across 2 possible leads.
    First, an article from Pittsburgh about a Sol DRUCKER descriged as
"the son of Rabbi Lazarus DRUCKER and Sarah DRUCKER, a direct lineal
descendant of Reb. Chaim VOLOZHINER, the founder of the VOLOZHINER
Yeshivah."  Any way to connect my grandfather to that line?
    Second, at the surname database of the Museum of the Jewish People
(now ANU) in Tel Aviv, the entry on DRUCKER mentions a 19th C.
Galician scholar (but does NOT say rabbi) named Markus (Mordechai)
DRUCKER.  With help of Jewish Gen, I learned of a 1934 book with a bio
of him and was able to get that bio from a library in Germany.  it
said he was born in Stryy, Ukraine (Stryj in 1934) on Jan. 4, 1854
under the name Mordechai Ben Yehuda Leibush DRUCKER; he was a Talmudic
scholar who had books published in Lviv, Ukraine (Lvov) around 1904
and was still alive in 1934.
     My paternal grandfather was Harry DRUCKER, born in Kyiv, Ukraine
(Kiev) around 1880 to father Haskel.  He was estranged from his family
and I know very little about him before he married Anna ALTERMAN after
he came to the U.S.  He came sometime between 1897 and 1905 and may
have spent years in Canada before entering the U.S.  So far, I have
not been able to locate any naturalization papers for him, which might
lead to more info.
     Thanks for any suggestions.
Alison Drucker


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