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David Lewin

At 13:28 16/03/2021, bethchardack via wrote:
I recently heard that Germany has a "Restoration of German Citizenship" project, which would reinstate (dual) German citizenship to Americans who were former German citizens (and their descendants) who were deprived of their German citizenship due to persecution on political, racial or religious grounds between January 30, 1933 and May 8, 1945. Does anyone have any insights on this program and thoughts on potential benefits (access to research materials?) or detriments (possible taxes?)? Here's the link: .
Thank you.
Beth Chardack

I am in London, not the USA - but the basis is the same

I have had my German Nationality restored under this Process.   Very simple, just contact a German consulate - they will guide you.

I did so not because I wanted it,   Rather to enable my children to work in Europe after the idiotic exodus of the UK from Europe - or Brexit as it became known.

David Lewin

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