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June Genis

What would a child call the first cousin of their parent? Would that
person be considered an aunt/uncle or some sort of cousin?

The person who witnessed my grandfather's death certificate indicated
that he was a nephew. To me that meant he was the son of my
grandfather's brother (or at least half brother). Last night while
watching TV I noticed that someone referred to the first cousin of his
father as his uncle. If that if correct in my situation it would
totally change the prediction about who our MRCA might be.

DNA suggests that I have many 2nd cousins who appear to share a great
grandfather with me. New research suggests this isn't possible and
that these are two separate people who were both named after their
common grandfather, but are sons of different fathers. That would make
them 1st cousins. If so, would the son of one cousin consider himself
to be a nephew of the other 1st cousin? If true it would explain some
tree discrepancies I have been unable to resolve.

June Genis
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