We believe we are related, but DNA doesn't show connection... ??? KLEPFISZ #poland #dna #warsaw

Elizabeth Jackson

Hello everyone,

My "cousin" and I have both had our DNA tested and have it on MyHeritage.  Though we have not yet found our exact connection, we do believe we are cousins, albeit it may be a distant connection.  We are both descended from KLEPFISZ of Poland.  We were told once by a well known scholar (born in Poland) who was also a Klepfisz that "...it was a small family.  All are related".  In fact, many lived within a very small area of Warsaw.  The Klepfisz connection for each of us is only as far back as our grandparents.

We hoped that having our DNA tested would give us some clue as to our connection.  Sadly, MyHeritage is not showing us as related at all.  I understand that it is possible that if the match is many generation back, we may no longer show any shared DNA.  However, our suspicion is that the connection is not so far back and we are surprised to find no shared DNA.

As you may imagine, we are very eager to try and learn our exact connection.  The lack of DNA connection has been very disappointing.
Do any of you  have suggestions or ideas on how we might continue to research this farther?  Any help will be most appreciated!

Elizabeth Jackson
Muskegon Michigan


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