Natan Noteh equivalent to one name? #names

Wayne Frankel

Dear given name mavens:

My ggg grandfather's given name is known to my family as Natan Noteh.  I don't know his wife's or his father's given name.  I am trying to connect him to a different family with almost identical surname from a different metrical record from a different district in present-day Lithuania (it is known that his daughter - my ancestor - moved from one to the other).  Those other records list the would-be identical person as Notke Eliash (and his father's name was given as Moszek).

I know that "Notke" is a diminutive - but was it used for Natan or for Noteh or for both?   How likely is it that "Notke" was used merely as short for "Natan Noteh" and that this could have been followed by another given middle name (Eliash) prior to the family name?   I'd really like to solidify the connection between as the 'other' family's tree extends a bit wider and further back than mine.  This came about because I and a living descendant from this other family have a significant DNA match, actually higher than expected, but it is hard to be precise 5 generations back (and for other reasons; DNA matches among Ashkenazi 3rd cousins or higher are often bloated because of hidden ancestry due to many generations of cousin-cousin and repeated inter-family marriages).

Thanks for any specific insight into the Natan Noteh name usage.

Wayne Frankel
Katonah, NY

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