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Dennis Triglia

Good afternoon,
I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
ViewMate - Image 92671 - Translation - Polish - Poland - Warszawa - Wilinska Ramocka Cyzkowska Maslowska Bor - 1825
  I am having a really difficult time with translating this death document for Konstancja Wilińska from Warsaw. A marginal note recorded by the person who digitized this record states "72 lata zd. Wilińska z Kaliskiego l v Ramocka wdowa syn Bonifacy Ramocki córki Julianna z. Cyzkowska i Agnieszka z. Masłowska." I assume this means that her maiden name was Wilińska and that she died at age 72 and may have been born in Kalisz. Here are some of my questions...please forgive my naivite...Are Julianna and Agnieszka the daughters or sisters of Konstancja? Are Czykowska and Masłowska their married names or do they have different surnames because Konstancja had two other husbands with those surnames plus a Borkowski and a Ramocki? I am so confused. I would certainly appreciate a full translation of the document with as much information as can be found translated. If not, I would be happy if anyone can just answer the questions I have posed. Thank you and bless you.
Thank you very much for any help that you may be able to provide.  I truly appreciate your effort.

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Thank you so much,
Dennis Triglia

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