Viewmate translation verification request - Russian and Hebrew / Yiddish #ukraine #yiddish #translation

alan moskowitz

I've posted a 1908 marriage record of my grandparents that is written in Russian and in Hebrew or Yiddish, for which I need the translation checked for completeness and correctness.  I need every possible clue that this record has to offer.  Because it is handwritten and some parts of it might be a bit difficult to read, I am also posting 3 separate links of enlargements.   These are for marriage number 34, on the left facing page.  The translation posted on Viewmate was derived from the Russian language (not from the Hebrew) and originated from the Ukrainian Archives.  The full document, is on ViewMate at the following address ...

The enlargements of the same document are adjacent in viewmate, and are at these addresses:

Please respond via the form provided for the master ViewMate image (VM92673) and not on the enlargements, unless you think it is necessary.  The enlargements are just sections taken from top to bottom, in numerical order. 
Thank you very much.

Alan Moskowitz


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