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Thank you for the invitation to reintroduce myself.

I only learnt that my mother's family are Jewish 18 months ago, at the age
of 53. I joined this group immediately I learnt about my Jewish roots. The
group have given me invaluable advice. The following is what I have learnt
so far.

My mother is Efriede POLLITZER, b.1916, in Vienna.

My mgf is Leopold POLLITZER, b.1873 in Vienna. He was deported >from Vienna
on 12.03.1941 to Lagow/Opatow. No further firm information about him is
available, except that he either died in either of these two small towns or
at Treblinka.

Leopold's father is Hermann POLLITZER, b.about 1839 in Frauenkirchen,
Burgenland. Hermann came to Vienna in 1867. I have yet to establish the
date of his death. Hermann's father is Leopold.

Leopold's mother is Fanny UCKS, b.about 1838 in Staedtl-Hamschau, Prussian
Silesia. She died in Vienna in 1920. Fanny's father is Joseph.

Leopold had one sister, Martha, b.1879. Martha married Leopold WAHRINGER.
Leopold died in 1930. Martha was deported on 14.09.1942 to Maly Trostinec,
where she was killed. Martha and Leopold had two children, Freidrich,
b.1915 and Margarethe, b.1909. Freidrich married but had no children.
Margarethe also married and had a son, Hans Leopold PUTZ, b.1.12.1943. I
have not been able to locate Mr Putz to date.

My mgm is Valerie SINGER, b.1882. My mother states that she was born in a
village called Muehlbach, near Krems, but I have yet to establish this.
Valerie moved with her parents to Vienna in 1892. My grandparents married
in Bratislava in 1907. Valerie was deported >from Vienna to Theresienstadt
on 24.09.1942 and >from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz on 16.05.1944, where she
presumably died.

Valerie's father is Emmanuel SINGER, b.1850 Althart, near Retz in Lower
Austria. He died in 1907 in Vienna.

Valerie's mother is Julie STEINER, b.1859 Weitersfeld, Lower Austria. Julie
was deported >from Vienna on 09.10.1942 to Theresienstadt, where she died 4
weeks later. Julie has several siblings, including Hugo, Katie and Irma.
Irma was apparently deported, but survived. Hugo was apparently not
deported. Another, unknown sibling and his /her family managed to escape
from Austria.
If anyone knows of any connections, I would very much appreciate hearing
from you.
Dominique Dubois
London, UK

POLLITZER, Frauenkirchen, Vienna.
SINGER, Retz, Krems, Vienna.
STEINER, Weitersfeld, Krems, Vienna.

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