Re: BREUERs born in Lucenec, Slovakia and on the move! #austria-czech


Dear Alyson Breuer,

It is very possible that your Breuer family came >from Mattersdorf,
Hungary (now Mattersburg , Austria). To have the Breuer surname, one
presumably had a male ancestor who was a brewer or a male ancestor who
married a brewer's daughter (or the daughter of a male Breuer
descendant) and adopted the Breuer surname. It took a great deal of
money to buy the right >from the feudal lord to run a brewery. The only
Jewish brewery owners that I have come across in the Austria-Hungarian
empire is the Breuer family >from Mattersdorf who began operating a
brewery in Mattersdorf in the 1600s.

My colleague Yitzchok Stroh and I have tracked this family forward
from the 1600s to the present day and identified more than 6400 people
in 14 generations. Your family does not show up but it is possible
that if you can go back another generation or two I can place you in
this family. I would be very interested in knowing if there was
another Jewish brewery owner in the Austrian-Hungarian empire.

Carole Garbuny Vogel
Branchville, New Jersey, USA

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