1764-1766 Jewish censuses for certain towns in Poland, Galicia, Podolia, Volhynia #galicia

Logan J. Kleinwaks

I recently photographed 1764-1766 censuses of Jews in towns owned by
August Aleksander Czartoryski while at AGAD in Warsaw. The censuses
have not yet been indexed and I am not able to respond to lookup requests.
I will try to distribute the images to people who can organize indexing,
provided we receive the necessary permission, and a full announcement
should follow when indexing is complete. Thanks very much to the
archivists at AGAD for their generous assistance.

The following towns are included (some with nearby villages):

Kingdom of Poland: Baranow (Lublin), Konskowola (Lublin) + Wlostowice,
Miedzyrzec Podlaski (Siedlce), Staszow (Radom).

Galicia: Berezhany/Brzezany, Jaroslaw + villages, Kalush/Kalusz,
Narayev/Narajow, Peremyshlyany/Przemyslany, Sieniawa + villages, Skole
+ villages, Tarnoruda.

Podolia: Hraniv/Granow + villages, Letychiv/Latyczow,
Medzhybizh/Miedzyboz + villages, Nikolayev/Mikolajow, Sataniv/Satanow,
Stara Sinyava/Stara Sieniawa + villages.

Volhynia: Klevan/Klewan

These censuses are not mere statistical summaries, but generally list
names of members of households and identify their relationships.
Approximately 10,000-20,000 names are listed. There are often house
numbers and occupations. Ages are given only for Letychiv/Latyczow.

Note that in Medzhybizh/Miedzyboz, several names include "Balszemow"
or similar, but I have not examined these closely.

The bound volume of these censuses is part of the Lancut Potocki family
collection at AGAD, see https://szukajwarchiwach.pl/1/350/0/-/168.
August Aleksander Czartoryski's daughter Elzbieta/Izabela Czartoryska
Lubomirska was owner of Lancut and maternal grandmother of Alfred
Wojciech Potocki. I examined and photographed numerous other items
from the Lancut Potocki collection, pertaining to Lancut itself, and will
write about them separately.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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