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Jan Meisels Allen

I would like to know if anyone has searched for art objects stolen or confiscated by the Nazis during the Third Reich. Especially helpful would be specific web sites that can locate art that might be in museums or private collections or even archived waiting for descendants of Holocaust victims or survivors to claim them.
Roger P. Kingsley

I posted about this last December and here is the posting again:




The Jewish Digital Cultural Recovery Project (JDCRP) plans to provide a comprehensive registry of all Jewish collections looted by the Nazi.  They are beginning with a pilot project on Old Masters seized by the Nazis, which was owned by Adolphe Schloss.  Schloss had a collection of Old Dutch Masters seized by the Gestapo from a French chateau- but one-third of the collection is still missing.


The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and the Commission for Art Recovery initiated the Jewish Digital Cultural Recovery Project. They received   €490,000 from the European Union’s Creative Europe program. In addition to listing both missing and recovered art, it will explore the looting networks and the trade and digitize thousands of documents and photographs from archives.


While there are other databases on looted art, the JDCRP is different as it takes Jewish collections as its starting-point and using an event-based approach to trace the route the objects took.


The project plans to have an initial mock-up online at the end of June 2021.

To see more go to:


The website is in English, French and German


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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