Re: Tracing Stefanie BECK from Vienna to London #austria-czech #unitedkingdom

Ben Tysch

Hi.  I have Beck relatives who moved from the Moravia to Vienna and some to England around the time of WWII.  I don't have a Stephanie, but am wondering if there is a connection.  My family connections start with Arnold Beck born in 1880 in the Czech Republic.  His son, Oskar, born in 1911 had at least two children that I know of, Leslie and Thomas, who were both born in London.  Any connection?  

Ben Tysch
Los Angeles, California
Researching: Tysch/Tyszler, Rozenblum, Glazman/Glazier, Waisman 
                           from Klimontow, Opatow and Lodz, Poland
                       Kolb, Schulz, Pollatschek, Schlessinger, Schuschny, Fischer, Wurmsohn, Spitz, Wichs, Meisel, Link(s), Wilhelm (von Bobot), Popper, Staud/Stoerskin, Schimeg/k   
                          from Czech/Slovakia, Austria

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