Re: Why Various Spellings of A Family Name #names

John Byng

My Grandfather changed his name by Deed Poll (a legal instrument) in 1925 from Bing to Byng.  It may have been to hide his Jewish parentage or to avoid association with the German Bings after WW1.  His father emigrated to London England from Hungary (perhaps Arad now Romania) and married in a Jewish ceremony in London but at some stage they seem to have abandoned their religious affiliation and it is only recently that I have discovered that my Christian father had Jewish grandparents.  Other descendants of my Great Grandfather are still using the Bing spelling.  
John Byng, Crawley UK
Researching great grandfather Louis Bing born about 1831 in Hungary (perhaps Arad now in Romania), died 1893 in Portsea, Hampshire England.

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