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Rodney Eisfelder

You are right about it being a date, but there are no words. Everything is an abreviation or acronym, which makes the interpretation a little uncertain. The first "word" stands for "Erev Shabbat Kodesh" (Friday evening). The second "word" means 21. The third word should be the month, and this has me confused. The year is (5)521 which is 1761. The final symbol (not even a letter, but a tri-graph), indicates that the year is in the short form, omitting the thousands. If the month abbreviation stands for Adar, then there were two months of Adar in that year, and they should be distinguished by either an Alef or Bet. But they are not.

The second image appears to a page from a burial register. Most of the names are of the form "x son of y", or "x daughter of y". A few are of the form "x wife of y". Only a couple appear to be preceded by a surname. A few are followed by an occupation (which could also be a surname). So, is Itzig a surname or a patronym?
This page has people whose Hebrew name begins with a Yod - names like Jona, Joseph, Israel, Jacob, Yenta etc. One can only guess what Hebrew name Henriette would have had, and hence which page of the register you should be looking at.

I hope this helps a little,
Rodney EIsfelder
Melbourne, Australia

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