"The Murder of the First Pikholz Family in Tarnopol" #galicia

Renee Steinig

As many of you know, Israel Pickholtz has long researched Pikholz
families >from Skalat and other towns in Eastern Galicia -- Mikulince,
Grzmaylow, Zbarazh, Husiatyn, Tarnopol, Buczacz, Terembowla,
Podwoloczysk and elsewhere.

In a recent post to his blog, "All My Foreparents," Israel tells the story
of a Pikholz family of whom he first learned last month, when searching
newly released Tarnopol death records in the All Galicia Database.
Read here about his shocking discovery:

"The Murder of the First Pikholz Family in Tarnopol"
(or https://tinyurl.com/Pikholz1855).

Search the All Galicia Database at https://search.geshergalicia.org/ .


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

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