Re: new online [scans] for Czudec, Niebylec, Rzeszow, Sokolow Malopolski #galicia

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In his SIG discussion forum post (October 4), Logan Kleinwaks has
usefully drawn attention to new uploads of scans by the Polish State
Archives on their website. These were of Jewish
vital records held in the Rzeszow state archive, >from the towns of
Czudec, Niebylec, Rzeszow, and Sokolow Malopolski.

Gesher Galicia has a full inventory of Jewish vital records (and some
community records) held in the Rzeszow state, which can be viewed at:

This online inventory also contains links to the scans of those files that
appear on the site. Not all the (Jewish Galician)
files in Polish state archives in southeastern Poland, of course, have
yet been scanned and added to the Polish State Archives website.

Gesher Galicia will shortly be adding the links of these new scans to
our inventory of the Rzeszow archive.

As a reminder, Gesher Galicia also has online inventories of the Jewish
Galician vital records held at AGAD in Warsaw, in the Ukrainian state
archives, and in the Polish state archives in Nowy Sacz, Przemysl,
Sanok, and Tarnow. These can be found at an overview web page of all
our inventories, at:

For further information, please contact: <>.
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Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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