Looking for advice how to find any information on my HOROVITZ family #hungary #holocaust


Looking for advice how to find information on my Great-Aunt Elon (Ilona), Great-Uncle (Ernest) and their 9-year old son Egorn (Egon).  Their last name was Horovitz.  We believe they lived in or near Budapest, Hungary and were never seen or heard from again after early 1944.  My Grandmother visited with cousins in the 1970’s in Romania who told her about the family being taken away by the Nazis.  They were warned to go across the border to Romania to be safe.  Ernest, a doctor was taken away first.  My mother visited Yad Vashem some years ago and couldn’t find their names.  Where do I begin?

Andrea Gilles Briggs,
Beverly Hills, MI, U.S.A.

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