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Hi Sebastian,

For argument's sake, and to extend Rodney's response, there is one line in this page that could correspond to what you're looking for.
In the left column corresponding to indexed page 676, the name reads : Yett'che bat yts'chaq (read 'ch' as in german 'machen') meaning "Yett'che daughter of Isaac". I am not totally sure of the firstname actually so if anyone can confirm that would be good, but it sounds like a possible match to Henriette.

Just to clarify, as you probably know, jews only took on official family names around 1807/8 or even later depending on location. Prior to this name taking event, their names were in the shape of <first name> daughter of <first name of father> . In your case this could suggest that Henriette's father's name was Isaac (Itzig is a variant, and in hebrew Isaac is spelled yts'chaq (again pronouncing 'ch' as in 'machen'). So getting back to this document, Yett'che bat Yts'chaq could be your Henriette. This is just one possible scenario.

Also, please note that the hebrew equivalent of Elizabeth would be Elisheva, starting with an aleph (first letter of the hebrew alphabet), so probably in the first few pages of the document you are referring to.

If you want to contact me by email and share more details I will be glad to do a bit of digging for you.

Best Regards,
Daniel Mayer

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