New York Synagogue records 1822-32 #usa #records

Hazel Dakers

Are there any New York Synagogue records for the period 1822-32? If so, where are they?


I am trying to fill a gap in the short life of Joshua Davis Norden, a London Jew who eventually settled, along with siblings, in the Cape of Good Hope (now South Africa) and died there. Unusually there is a plaque in his memory in Grahamstown Cathedral. I have a little knowledge of his life in London, b. 1804, and a considerable amount about his life and death in the Cape and have previously written of his widow and youngest son’s return to the US


However, documentary evidence shows that between 1822 (when he wrote a letter in London) and 1832 (when he joined the Albany Lodge of the Society of Freemasons in Eastern Cape South Africa), Joshua Davis Norden went to New York and married an American woman named Catherine (surname???) Their eldest son, same name as father, was born 15 February 1830 in New York – according to South African records. Can anyone help me to find records of this marriage and birth? I would hope that such records would lead me also to uncover Catherine’s surname.


Hazel Dakers, London UK researching:

BIRNBAUM (Zgierz, Poland), GOLD (Zgierz, Poland),  HEIMANN (South Africa and Luegde, Germany), NORDEN/NORDON/NORTON (London and South Africa)



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