Translation please - Polish to English - birth record Ruchel Zlatte LANGER FELD, 1892 #poland #galicia #records

Selma Sheridan

My father's father was Israel SIGAL false FELD.  He referred to Ruchel as his cousin.  Her name was changed to Regina LANGER, in Vienna and in NYC.  Her birth record says that her mother was Esther Freude FELD, but I have no further information about her and her family.  I hope that the addendum in her birth record may explain more about her connection to my father's family.  Many thanks for any help you can provide!

Oswego NY USA
Researching: BAUCHMANN (Potok Zloty), BEUTEL (Skalat), CYNOWER (Budapest), ERLICHMAN (Lodz), FELD (Podhajce, Tarnopol), HERSCHER (Budapest, Lens), LANGER (Granicesti, Tarnopol, Vienna), LEMLER (Krakow, Vienna), OJSERKIS (Podhajce), PULVER (Vienna), RAUCH (Vienna), RITTER (Budapest), SIGAL (Kozova, Vienna), SWARTZ (Vienna)

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