Translation request -- Hungarian #hungary #translation

Laurie Budgar

I have discovered a document that I believe to be the marriage contract between my GGGF and GGGM.
I attempted to post it on ViewMate but unfortunately, only the first of the six handwritten pages in the document posted correctly. (Not sure if it's because of a file size limit or because of a limitation in my tech skills.) If it's OK with the admins, I'll post URLs below for both the ViewMate attempt and the Hungarian-language site where I found the document. (Someone in the JewishGen portal on Facebook alerted me to it.)
I would be so appreciative of anyone who took the time to view and translate this lengthy document. 

It is on ViewMate at the following address:

It is on the Hungaricana website at the following address: 

Thank you so much,

Laurie Budgar
Longmont, CO, USA


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