Translation please - Polish to English - birth record Hirsch Ber LANGER FELD, 1891 #poland #galicia #records

Selma Sheridan

My father's father was Israel SIGAL false FELD.  His cousin, Hirsch Ber, changed his name to Bernard in Vienna and NYC.  Esther Freude FELD was the mother of Hirsch Ber, and she would be the link to my father's family.  The notes in the birth record would explain the circumstance of the name change from Hirsch Ber to Bernard.  See the link below.  Thanks for your help!

Oswego NY USA
Researching: BAUCHMANN (Potok Zloty), BEUTEL (Skalat), CYNOWER (Budapest), ERLICHMAN (Lodz), FELD (Podhajce, Tarnopol), HERSCHER (Budapest, Lens), LANGER (Tarnopol, Vienna), LEMLER (Krakow, Vienna), OJSERKIS (Podhajce), PULVER (Vienna), RAUCH (Vienna), RITTER (Budapest), SIGAL (Kozova, Vienna), SWARTZ (Vienna)

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