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David Harrison

Dear Team
Many thanks for this delightful reading which I have now punched and filed a small loose-leaf binder.  My wife and I will use it as the source for our verbal extras at communal seders.  We have already devised our additional readings for this year.  Next year we hope to resume our own on first night,  attending on second night the communal seder at out synagogue and on the third night at a sub-group of which we were founder members 25 years ago60 miles away (in mid-Wales) in which we combine readings from nearly as many sources as are the origins of the food.  my food contribution is usually 50-plus Coconut pyramids for the three evenings.
David Harrison
Birmingham, England

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Dear JewishGen Community,

We are pleased to present the JewishGen Passover Companion 2021/5781, which contains inspirational vignettes about how Passover was observed in various communities, along with first-hand accounts about the great effort and personal risk (Mesirat Nefesh) Jews took to observe Passover during the Holocaust.
As you gather around the Seder table, and tell the story of the Exodus, we hope that this companion will have helped inspire you to connect with previous generations, while considering your role in preserving the history and legacy of not just your family, but the entirety of the Jewish people.
Visit to download for free, and print for your Seder Table.
Please share with friends and family!
Wishing you a Happy Passover and Chag Sameach!
 - The JewishGen Team

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