My Grandmother JABLONSKI from Pruzani #belarus #russia

Marilyn Weinman

In my research I've found that my maternal GM was born in Pruzani, Russia (now Belarus) on November 17, 1883. Part of my problem I believe, is that there are various spellings to her last name, so many variations in fact, my mom always told us kids that she never really did know her maiden name !
I have searched under her name Eida (IDA), as well as her siblings names in Russia and Belarus, and I've hit a roadblock. I know from some old letters I have that she had a sister Chava ( Chavah/Havah) and a brother Joseph ( Josef), but I'm still unable to come up with anything. Once I figure out how to scan some of the letters I have, that are written in Yiddish, that may help, but in the meantime, does anyone know what else I can do to find more information on my GM ?

Thanks to all and Happy Passover
Marilyn Weinman

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