Need help researching family with son declared dead for marrying a gentile #austria-czech #records

Richard Nohel

Hello, I am new to this group format and could not figure out how to initiate my own message to start with. I recently learned that my great-great grandparents who had 11 children, actually had a twelfth who was "declared dead" by the family for marrying a gentile. He would have been born between 1845-1860 in Bohemia (I believe the family lived in Mcely). The only thing I know is that he changed his name from Nohel to Cech. His wife may have been Cechova. I am wondering how I could possibly research this to determine if there are any living descendants as I would imagine there should be some record of a legal name change either with a government entity or a Jewish temple archive. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Richard Nohel

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