Can anyone help me figure out these names? #names #records #ukraine

Scott Rothstein

I recently got a copy of my great-grandparents' marriage certificate. It was issued in Manhattan in 1899, and as a bit of a treasure has their parents' names--something I hadn't been quite sure of before.

My problem is that I can't make them out; the document is clear but was written in script that could be interpreted several ways. I'm fairly sure of my great-grandmother's (Regina) parents' names though I'm a little surprised to see "Salomon" rather than "Solomon" and I'm only 90% sure her mother's surname is "Spandau," but for my great-great grandfather... I don't know. The birthplace for my great-grandfather is Sadagora (Bukowina), but they were of German derivation--or so we've always presumed. 

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