Re: Need help researching family with son declared dead for marrying a gentile #austria-czech #records

Judith Singer

Hello - I have actually located a brother of my grandfather who was "declared dead" by the family for marrying a gentile by means of DNA matching. I had a hard time convincing my second cousin that she was one-quarter Jewish, since the man's children and grandchildren had been told he was German/Swedish. DNA matches with my second cousin and her daughter, almost equally strong, were not alone sufficient to establish his true identity but when combined with occupation patterns, facial characteristics, and fragments of memory elicited in conversations determined that he was indeed my great-uncle.

So, I would test your DNA, post it on as many sites as possible, and then look for matches with your relative's last name. Try to start a conversation with any matches and be ready to provide any type of corroborating evidence available; in your case, probably the ancestor's home town would be most important.
Good luck - 

Judith Singer

researching CHARNEY and variations in Lithuania and the U.S. and SORTMAN and variations in Lithuania, England, and the U.S. 

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